I am a photographer based in Sydney Australia. I have a strong love of our great southern land and hope that some of my pictures reflect some of the visual beauty and vibrancy of our landscape and culture.
I became interested in photography in 1978 when I travelled to Europe and returned overland via the middle east and the sub-continent. On my return I joined the Lane Cove Camera Club. Although I did well in the club competitions I very quickly found that I had much to learn and that photography was something that needed to be nurtured and developed. I subsequently joined the St George Leagues Club Photographic Society (still one of the strongest camera clubs in Australia) and participated as an active member for about 2 years. It was here that my work was strongly influenced by the great master Lionel Howes. I can remember his three simple rules: get close, be direct and simplify. Over the years I have attempted to follow this simple recipe.

My love of the Australian landscape developed as a consequence of several photographic trips to the outback. My first trips were privately organised but so successful that, in concert with Ron Pearsall ARPS (1946-2001), we set up a photographic safari company. We then had the pleasure, over several years, of showing many photographers some of the visual delights of the outback. There is no doubt that the lives of many of our co-adventurers and their visual appreciation of what Australia has to offer were greatly changed by participation in some of our adventures.

I then slipped away from photography as other interests and family became higher priorities. But in September 2005 I went digital. It opened a whole new world of image making possiblities and rekindled my long held love of image making. I rejoined the St George Leagues Club Photographic Society and put myself through an intensive education program in the art of digital photography. I am a former Senior Vice President of the Society.

I am very interested in photojournalism and capturing aspects of our city and urban lifestyle. I have covered a number of major events, including the Youth Olympics, The Sydney Track Classic (athletics), the Cole Classic (swimming), ANZAC day and the NSW Ocean Racing Series (Surf Ski racing). More recently I have been influenced by the work of people like David Hobby (www.strobist.blogspot.com), Joel Grimes (www.joelgrimes.com) and Joe McNally (www.joemcnally.com). This has opened up a whole new world of lighting with speedlights in the field. I think I can now also call myself a strobist. My strobist gallery reflects these interests.

I have also had the privilege of documenting some of the great work done by the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia and the fund raising for this iconic Australian charity by the Outback Car Trek. This has taken me to far away places to see the work of so many dedicated people who bring world class medical services to remote outback communities.

For more information about the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia see http://www.flyingdoctor.net/

For more information about the Outback Car Trek see www.outbackcartrek.com

I hope you enjoy this work and please follow me on Instagram @allanspics